Thermal Polyurethane insulation

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Thermal Polyurethane insulation

This insulation is made of the Polymer base, which is used in industry widely.

The main reason of popularity of this insulation is that it is accessible in solid(Sandwich panel) way and in fluid way that would be sprayed on the selected surface by special machine.

This chemical substance is made of combination of two main substances: Poly L and Isocyanate that both of them have fluid nature after the combination of these two substances with each other they react hardly and it expands in a uniform and unorganized way and it’ll be dried after a few minutes.

This matter changing makes a very good insulation that will be long-lasting and stable and without changing for years.

It needs to be mentioned that if fluid foam be injected more than what that is needed to a part, it expands in form of a big prominence that additional parts can be cut and be flatten by small axes easily.


  1. Insulating thermal refineries’ tanks
  2. Insulating thermal refineries’ pipes
  3. Insulating petrochemical tanks
  4. Insulating thermal powerhouses
  5. Insulating thermal industrial warehouses
  6. Insulating thermal tanks of bitumen and oil and other condensates
  7. High usage in insulating buildings and apartments
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