. Rockwool

Rockwool blanket

What is the Rockwool blanket?

For making the Rock,,wool(B) , a great amount of raw Rock;;..wool should be coherent by incombustible thread to European galvanized weaved net and would be made in variety of shapes. Of course, for different utilizations the specific Rock,-,wool would be produced, as an example for places that are in the juxtaposition of direct flame; thermal Rockwool blanket that covered by craft foil mustn’t be used due to in the early minutes the paper cover of this insulation will burst into flames and vanish.

Also, for outdoor, insulation with appropriate aluminum cover must be used.

The price list of Rock,-,wool blanket insulation: you can receive it from Pars Paydar Energy corporation.

Rockwool blanket

Rockwool blanket

Characteristics of Rockwool blanket insulation:

It can tolerate more than 800 degrees of direct heat comfortably.

According to highly flexibility of thermal Iso-blanket insulation that has weaved with incombustible wire and galvanized 6-sided net against stretching, it can be used in different utilizations of produced Rock<<.>>wool with different covers and it’s various and this kind of covered Rock wool below, all together would be produced in Pars Paydar Energy corporation with decent quality.

This insulation can be insulated comfortably with paper cover and aluminum sheet cover and wired galvanized net cover and incombustible textile cover and net, paper, armed aluminum sheets’ cover also Rock,.,wool iso-blanket for insulating different sizes of warm and cold pipes and even energy transition pipes with wide diameters.

Other applications of this insulation:

As you know best option for insulation of gas and petroleum refineries and hot well storages and the line of petrochemical petroleum, gas, oil and other refinery products of thermal insulation, is Rockwool blanket and also for crooked and smooth surfaces with much curvature and all sizes of whole pipes, turbine exhaust of compound cycle power stations and boiler and houses’ hot well storages and insulation of powerhouses and many other different cases.

For noticing latest list of Rockwool blanket prices and selling thermal Rock,.,wool and producing different kinds of thermal (Rock-.-wool) and selling fireproof Rock///wool and The Rock-.-wool that is resistant against direct flame and Rockwool blanket’s price and the cheapest thermal insulation of Rockwool blanket,

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Special project:

For selling Rock—-wool until the end of this month, decent discount would belong to all clients.

Rockwool slab:

Rockwool slab

What is the Rockwool slab?

(Thermal insulation of Rockwool slab_ insulation slab of Rock,,–wool)

The insulation of Rockwool slab or Sandwich panel is one of the excellent and top-selling groups of thermal insulations, that has perfect resistance even against the direct flame’s heat till 820 degrees. The basement of thermal insulation is some materials which its name is Basalt, that comes from volcanos. For producing and selling Rock wool slab, the basalt needs to be converted to Rock wool’s threads. In production line Rock wool’s threads need to be mixed with Resin then it’ll be baked by suitable temperature in kiln.

Of course, before being baked the diameter of Rock wool slab would be collaborated with precise machine. Thickness appointment for diversity of Rock wool slab insulation usages would be done by different densities in form of semi-hard and hard.

The applications of Rockwool slab insulation:

You can install Rock wool slab insulation comfortably in all flat surfaces or the surfaces that have gentle slope and there’s no need the basement be smooth and polished, due to in every surface are installable and has good returns.

You are able to install this Rock wool in all walls of building and in building’s floor comfortably.

The biggest clients of Paydar Energy corporation are executive in Petroleum and Gas and Petrochemical refineries. (Rockwool slab)

Also, for insulating of boat parapets and airport floor and for buildings of metro stations and for providing Sandwich plan insulations would be used too.

The produced Sandwich panel of Pars Paydar Energy among the mass producers of building is popular; which is more useful for outward appearance of building and pre-made rooms and to build prepared powerhouses. (Rockwool slab)

Some of these models of Rockwool slabs with high volume masses have great resistance against heat, that produces with supreme quality and for selling Rock wool slab insulation is in contract with adorable clients.

Main features of insulated Sandwich panels:

  1. The walls that are made by Sandwich panel are very strong for each building in terms of that its diameter and densities be matched with available circumstances to be able to order and be produced in terms of conditions of building. (Sandwich panel)
  2. The Connex boxes that are made by Sandwich panels of Pars Pasydar Energy have perfect thermal insulation. (Sandwich Panel)
  3. Against probable fire of building or made Connex is equal to EN13501 standard.
  4. It’s Water resistant completely (100% guarantee)

It’s worthwhile to say that the produced Rock wool in the corporation is compatible with latest up to date world standards. (Sandwich panel)

For being noticed of latest price of Rockwool slab insulation…and the Rockwool slab insulation price list: (Sandwich panel)

Contact the Pars Paydar Energy corporation’s office. (Rockwool slab)

Rockwool bulk

Rockwool bulk

What is the Rockwool bulk?

Basement and most ingredients of Isotherm are the basalt stones that are remained by volcanoes activities.

Rockwool bulk

(The price list of Rock..,..wool bulk insulation)

The basalt would be melted in special kilns and melted materials need to pass in front of highly-speed wind

The pressure of wind would scatter the melted basalt in space in form of threads

The name of scattered threads after collecting, is Raw Rock–,,wool bulk

Of course, all of the products that would be produced with Rockwool are raw materials of Rockwool bulk

It’s worthwhile to say that in Isotherm production process any additional such as Resin and other chemical materials wouldn’t be used.

(Latest price of Rock,.,.,wool bulk)

The application of Rockwool bulk:

  1. Among two crusts of buildings’ wall
  2. Among two crusts of fireproof doors
  3. Insulation of cars’ exhaust
  4. Among two layers of industrial exhausts or stacks
  5. Usually the free spaces of some parts of industrial machineries have energy wasting and because of its geometric shapes disordering it can’t be insulated with other insulations
  6. For under 800 ° C temperatures are appropriate and in 1300 ° C temperature would be melted

(it needs to say that it’s the best alternative for Asbestos in industries)

Rockwool bulk packing:

It’d be packed in special bags in weight of between 10 to 25 kg. volume mass of Rockwool bulk is among 60 to 200 per cube meter squares that would produce based on client’s order and circumstances and the type of doing the insulation.

(Selling Rockwool bulk insulation)

Pars Paydar Energy corporation always was the more advanced with the utilization of the latest world technologies and the experienced manpower in production field of different kinds of thermal and acoustic insulation, and in production line has different kinds of insulation dependent to Raw Rockwool bulk that are the best quality products in the market and this company exports most of its high-quality products to neighbor-countries and the Middle east in order to advance purpose of the economic strength.

 Contact with the office in order to know the prices of this insulation.

Rockwool Commercial roof


Rockwool Commercial roof


Rockwool commercial roof is very lightweight and it produces either by pressing Rock,.,wool threads with Aluminum foil cover or craft foil that it has normal temperature bound, that would be used, like Commercial roof and warm and cold systems of powerhouses and houses and etc.(Rockwool Commercial roof)

Commercial roof insulation

Features of Rockwool Commercial roof:

  1. Good acoustic insulation (high sound absorbing)
  2. Thermal insulation with decent quality
  3. Being lightweight
  4. Being flexible
  5. Cheap insulation
  6. Saving in energy usage
  7. Without any Asbestos
  8. Resistant to strike
  9. Resistant to corrosion
  10. Easy and comfortable and fast installing
  11. More comfortable transition
  12. Fireproof
  13. Saving the sustainability in passing of time
  14. Low price and economic to use

The applications of Rockwool Commercial roof:

This Rock,.,.wool would be use more in order to insulate false ceiling and ceiling of industrial warehouses, roof of conference salons, industrial factories and ceiling of pre-made Connex boxes, insulating passing air channels and air conditioning system.

Thread applications of Rock,.,.,wool, is like applications of (Rock—wool) blanket with the difference that temperature of the line production is lower than Rock—wool blanket and has lower densities that of course the cost of Rockwool thread almost is lower. The most clients of Pars Paydar Energy in Rock,,.wool thread insulation product are in the low and average temperature range.

Thread insulations with average density are appropriate for curved surfaces, industrial stacks, petrochemical tankers and storages, cold and average temperature pipes, huge PVC and steel pipes, roof of industrial factories and gables and insulating of low-temperature facilities. (Rockwool Commercial roof)

Technical characteristics of Rockwool Commercial roof:

ASTM C553 Standard
Maximum temperature 450 C °










































Standard dimensions of each roll: Width 120, 100cm/ length 120, 1000cm

This product with 2 aluminum foil covers and craft foil would produce.

Density range: 100-30 kg/m

Packing of client’s delivery: Sharing

Suitable for: Rockwool Commercial roof as thermal insulation would be used in industrial Commercial roof and other industrial usages such as insulating walls and industrial Commercial,,.,roof, industrial machineries, boilers, hot well storages of refinery, stacks, petrochemical pipes and etc. (Rockwool Commercial roof)








length width
5000 1200 50-70 45-120
3000 3000 70-100

Rockwool thread

Rockwool thread

What is Rockwool thread?

Rockwool thread thermal insulation is in family of Rock-/-wool insulations.

Insulating Rockwool thread is very lightweight and basement of that is threads of Raw Rock.;.wool.

These insulations would be covered by Aluminum foil and Craft foil and is suitable insulation for insulating roof of production and industrial factories and would be used in insulating all of the pipes and cooling and heating system appliances and powerhouses of companies or houses.

Rockwool thread

Features of Rockwool thread insulation:

  1. Insulating warehouse before installing false ceiling
  2. Insulating channels and air conditioning system
  3. Walls and roof of conference salons
  4. Insulating wall and pre-made ceilings

Generally, we can say it covers most of Rock,.,.wool blanket’s features but due to the density of Rock]][[wool thread is lower than Rock,..,wool blanket, it resists lower thermal temperature.

Of course, its price is lower than Rock()()wool blanket (It has lower density)

With overhead explanations we would reach a conclusion that the most of this insulation’s feature is in low and average thermal temperature range.

Rockwool thread thermal insulation with average mass volume for insulating non-flattened environments and warm and cool transitive exhausts and pipes of powerhouses has average thermal temperature and for insulating under false ceiling of markets and industrial warehouses and different kinds of gable roof, is suitable.

Advantages of Rockwool thread insulation:

  1. a) Appropriate for insulating either heat and sound
  2. b) Very flexible
  3. c) Lightweight
  4. d) Economic

Technical characteristics of Rockwool thread:

ASTM C555 Standard
Maximum temperature 500 C














0.04 0.040 0.041 60
0.050 0.052 0.052 110
0.062 0.060 —— 160
Packing the product:

Available widths in production line are 100 cm and 120 cm

The length of product would be cut in 2 sizes, 10m and 12m

These available sizes with Aluminum foil and Craft foil covers would be produced.

This product would be produced of 30 to 80 kg/m

Packing: Sharing

Advantages of Rockwool thread insulation:

  1. a) It absorbs sound perfect
  2. b) It hasn’t decay
  3. c) Saving the chemical and physical matter
  4. d) Fireproof
  5. e) Without Asbestos
  6. f) Comfortable installing
  7. g) Good advantage for heat and sound
  8. h) It prevents spreading fire flames
  9. I) lightweight and easy to carry
  10. j) Simple keeping
  11. k) It will save its physical and chemical matter in long time







length width
10000 1200 45-75 30-80
12000 1000 30-80

Pars Paydar Energy corporation produces the Rock,.,,wool—-thread insulation with the lowest price and the highest quality and it installs and does under the supervision of best experts.

For knowing the list of Rockwool thread price and the up to date price of the Rockwool thread insulation, Contact with the company.

Rockwool pipe

Rockwool pipe insulation

Rockwool pipe

For having Rockwool pipe insulation in pipe form it needs to add some Resin and it produces in 140 to 160 kg/m densities and in different thicknesses and diameters in special kilns with specific thermal degree that of course this produced product is correspondent to international standards (ASTM C547).

The cover of Rockwool pipe has different kinds that each has specific utilization for itself. Pars Paydar Energy has Rockwool pipe without cover and with Aluminum cover or Foil cover in its production line that have best quality and correspondent to international standards.

In factory’s production line, Rockwool pipe makes in form of every sizes of pipe and from one side of pipe thickness would be split for being comfortable to open or close it, although this activity the installation and insulating pipes and knees would be faster.

This insulation produces in Pars Paydar Energy corporation in form of complete-pipe and half-pipe and in one quarter inch to 16inch sizes.

Rock,,,wool thermal insulation production in different thicknesses and densities would able us to use it in different temperatures.

The produced sizes in Pars Paydar Energy all are standard-quality and covers a quarter inch to 16inch. Rockwool pipe insulation due to having comfortable cutting makes installation and insulating pipes faster to be done and from side of finished-cost is very affordable.

It’s worthwhile to say that dependent to different places, the Rockwool pipe insulation should be used that is specified to that place for example for insulating pipes in open spaces the Rockwool pipe with Aluminum cover should be used to resist against water’s penetration to insulation and although Aluminum cover reflects sun radiation and it makes its losses minimum.

The places for using Rockwool pipe

This kind of insulation is useful in most of refinery, powerhouse, petrochemical industries and steel, aluminum, copper, zinc factories and cement factories and even in all house piping and generally it’s the most suitable and the cheapest insulation for insulating most of pipes.

ASTM C547 Standard
Maximum temperature 650C


























  1. a) Type of available size (diameter): 160inch-4.1inch
  2. b) Type of available mass volume (density): 140-160 kg/m
  3. c) Length of each part pipe insulation: 5.0 meter
  4. d) Packing: it would be put inside plastic and vacuumed (sharing)

(Rockwool pipe)

Thermal Rockwool pipe insulation

This insulation has utilization in insulating all warm and cold pipes in the industry and building with the lowest and highest temperatures and it’s very appropriate.





Diameter (mm)


Mass volume                (Density(kg/m))

Diameter (mm) Length (mm)
0.5-22 500 25-100 140-160

Features of Rock,,,…wool of complete and half and pre-made pipe insulation:

  1. a) good insulation against sound
  2. b) good insulation against heat
  3. c) it has good resistance against vibrations
  4. d) it’s without any chemical and cancerous materials like Asbestos
  5. e) fast performance of the insulating operation
  6. f) it’s cheap and economic insulation
  7. g) comfortable keeping and transition
  8. h) long life span and persistence
  9. i) incombustible

Pars Paydar Energy corporation produces all kinds of Rockwool pipe with the best quality and the highest standard and all sizes specific to industries.

Price of (Rock..wool)

The price of Rockwool pipe in Pars Paydar Energy

Want the cheap price of Rockwool pipe insulation of us, delivery of all orders is up to date and its price is by factory’s door and it needs to be mentioned that Pars Paydar Energy does the movement and installing and performing all its products experienced personnel and specialist in the lowest time with decent quality.

Rockwool warehouse roof

Rockwool warehouse roof is very light-weight and produces by compressing Rockwool threads with Aluminum foil or Craft foil. That has normal temperature range like warehouses roof and heating and cooling systems of powerhouses and houses, etc. that would be used.

Warehouse roof insulation

Features of Rockwool warehouse roof:

1) Good acoustic insulation (high sound absorbing)

2) high-quality thermal insulation

3) Being light-weight

4) flexibility

5) Being cheap insulation

6) saving energy consumption

7) Without any Asbestos

8) Resistant against strike

9) Easy installation

10) Resistant against corrosion

11) More comfortable transportation and movement

12) Non-flammable

13) Maintaining sustainability over the time

14) Low cost and affordable

Applications of Rockwool warehouse roof:

This rock wool is most commonly used to insulate false ceilings and industrial roofs, conference halls roof, industrial workshops and prefabricated roofs, insulated air passageways and air conditioning systems. Rock wool thread applications are similar to those used in Rockwool blankets, with the difference that the production line temperature is lower and their density is lower, although the cost of the Rockwool thread is lower. The most stable customers of Pars Paydar Energy are placed in a Rockwool thread insulation product in low and medium temperatures. Thread insulations with medium density is very suitable for insulating curved surfaces, industrial chimneys, petrochemical tankers and reservoirs, medium and cold temperature pipes, large PVC and steel tubes, roofs of industrial and girder workshops, and insulation for very low temperature devices.

Technical characteristics of Rockwool warehouse roof:

ASTM C553 Standard
Maximum temperature 450 C °










































Standard dimensions of each roll: Width 120, 100cm/ length 120, 1000cm

This product with 2 aluminum foil covers and craft foil would produce.

Density range: 100-30 kg/m

Packing of client’s delivery: Sharing

Suitable for: Rock,.,wool warehouse roof as thermal insulation would be used in industrial warehouse roof and other industrial usages such as insulating walls and industrial warehouses roof, industrial machineries, boilers, hot well storages of refinery, stacks, petrochemical pipes and etc.

Dimensions(mm) Thickness(mm)                    Density(kg/m)
length width
5000 1200 50-70 45-120
3000 3000 70-100

Difference between Rockwool and Slag wool

Rock and slag wool both are known as Acoustic and Thermal insulations and the difference in terms of quality is evident. They both are in mineral rockwools category. They both produce of same raw material but with different degree of quality and with melting of basalt stones but in different proportions to resistant threads against high thermal degree. Rockwool is mostly made of threads such as Aluminosilicate rocks (like basalt rock), which produce by a mixture of basalt and slag of Iron stone in special furnaces.


Heat transition coefficient:

 The coefficient of heat transition in rock wool is less than that of slag wool. According to this, Rock wool is more suitable thermal insulation than slag wool.
Each heat transition coefficient is lower, the thermal insulation efficiency is higher. The heat transition conductivity coefficient in the stable rock wool of Pars Paydar energy is 0.037 W/MK and slag wool is 0.040 W/MK.

 The thermal resistance of rock wool produced in Pars Paydar Energy is much higher than that of slag wool and other thermal insulations.

Insulation quality amount:

The quality of Rockwool determines in relation to basalt mix and iron melting slag
For the production of rock wool in a furnace, if 80% of basalt stone and 20% of iron melting slag be poured and the more basalt, the more thermal quality. For slag production, 30% of basalt stones and 70% of melted iron are poured into the furnace. Slag wool insulation in some factories, melt slag furnaces are produced with a combination of mineral additives with or without binders and some natural stones.

Rockwool and slag wool difference:

Typically, slag wool insulations consist of at least 70 to 85% slag of furnace
The first mineral wool insulation was produced in the 1845s, and in 1870 it was registered in the United States.
The use of rock wool insulation in the United States in the 1960s was very popular. Since 2005, it has been used in some of the new construction projects for mass housing, and in special applications such as insulation of roofs and Warehouse roof insulation and insulating of airports, etc.

What is Rockwool insulation?

Rock wool is natural mineral threads that looks like white and crushed cotton.
It is originally formed by suction throughout the lava flow into the furnace.
Rock wool insulation consists of a combination of limestone, garbage slag from steel and basalt blast furnaces or diabase.
Rock wool is produced from 4/3 Steel slag and 25% Rock basalt.

Produced rockwool in Pars Paydar Energy has more than 80% rock basalt in its composition and is of superior quality.

But some rock wool manufacturers use net recycling of any steel slag that they don’t have good quality. The production of threads is almost similar to Fiber glass, with heating these materials and spinning them into woollen threads which are often produced in form of split crushed threads in the applied.

What is slag wool?

If we use Rockwool in more than 40% steel slag waste, we’ll obtain slag wool. The more steel slag, the less quality of produced threads. Slag wool that is similar to Rockwool and in the market by some invalid vendors will sell it instead of fine rockwool. Some of the Rockwool manufacturers are almost using net recycling steel. Slag wool and Rock wool are without any Asbestos and are in the clean insulations’ category.

Preventing moisture penetration:

These products are not very resistant to water and moisture penetration. If the insulation is outdoors, it is used with Rockwool with aluminium coating. Nowadays Rock,,wool and Slag wool are the most used in various industries such as oil, gas, petrochemicals and buildings and they’re the most suitable insulations.

To order a product or purchase any thermal insulation or acoustic insulation make a call to the office of sales unit. You can read the following articles in the articles section of this site for helpful information about all thermal insulations and acoustic insulations

Slag wool

What is Slag wool?

Production of Rockwool

Rockwool sandwich panel

Rockwool soaks with resin and press galvanized sheets by the machine that Rock,,wool sandwich panel product is obtained. Rockwool sandwich panels produces in form of slab boards and with various thicknesses and various densities and in two hard and semi-hard in Pars Paydar Energy.

Rockwool sandwich panel applications:

According to the fact that this product has high-strength, it has lots of applications in building industry and pre-fabricated houses that in following texts we will mention it.

Sandwich panel

1) Common walls

2) Separating walls

3) Building pre-fabricated houses

4) constructing Conex for Sar Pol Zahab immediately

5) Insulation of external walls of building

6) Making cinema halls acoustic

7) Making conference halls and Amphitheaters and recording studios acoustic

8) Petrochemical insulation

9) Thermal Petrochemical insulation

10) Refinery insulation

11) Thermal refinery insulation

12) Construction of the wall and roof of electrostatic furnaces

13) Electrostatic painting tunnel

15) and thousands of other applications else…

Technical specifications of Rockwool sandwich panel:

Pars Paydar Energy corporation produces this product in accordance to the international standards.

Product length: from 3 meters to 14 meters

Product width: 100 and 120 cm

Density: 50 to 200 kg per cubic meter

Thickness: 30 to 100 mm

Note: The Rock wool sandwich panel can withstand temperatures up to 400 degrees Celsius easily.

 Acoustic Rockwool insulation

This insulation is in acoustic insulations group and because of its cheapness it has lots of consumption and often the Pars Paydar Energy corporation customers purchases are in production line. Pars Paydar Energy corporation suggests you that during the construction, surely before running narrowing stages for building isolation (Installing thermal insulation and Acoustic insulation in building) use our free consultant. Then your costs will be lower.

 If the building is made several years ago and it hasn’t insulated and now you intend to insulate it, you have two solutions:

1) Use outside sound insulation. This work will forcedly change your decoration a little but it has lower costs for you.

2) Insulate the areas that you really need to do it and cover the insulation with construction materials like chalk and over the floor insulations of building you can tile again.