Rockwool thread 1

Rockwool thread

 This type of insulation is produced in form of roll, it’s very light-weight and is produced by intertwining of Rockwool thread with Aluminium foil coating or with craft paper and accordant to ASTM C533 standard that has average temperature range like warehouse roofs and heating and cooling systems of houses which is used.

Standard dimensions: 120 cm width. 10 m length

Thickness: 30 to 50 mm

Special weight: 30 to 60 kg/m

Application items

This type of insulation is used to insulate and cover the warehouses’ roof, false roof, Conference halls roof, industrial and pre-made buildings, Air circulation canals and air conditioning water cooler systems.

The product features

Important features of this product that needs to be noted are acoustic and heating insulating, flexibility, being light-weight, and affordable.