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Rockwool Slab

Panel or slab insulations produces from mixing rockwool with special resin and then being placed at a suitable temperature for cooking and passing through the thickness determination device, in accordance with ASTM C 612 in various thicknesses and densities, as semi-hard (SP) or hard (HP).

This product is used for all flat or steep slopes, especially in the building industry.

Application cases: Rock wool panels due to their good strengths and various capabilities in the industry and building as insulation between the walls to reduce energy wasting and in sound studios and metro tunnels to absorb sound and prevent vibration transmission are used. Also, complexes of petrochemicals, refineries, power plants and heavy industries are among the panel’s main consumers.

Dimensions of each board: 120 * 60 cm

Density range: 150-400 kg / m 3

Thickness range: 30-100 mm

Packing type: Sharing

Range of application temperature: The stand Rockwool panel is heat resistant up to 700+ degrees Celsius.

Rockwool slab is slightly flexible and semi-hard to a density of 100 kg / m 3, and they can be used for both flat surfaces and curved surfaces. More than 120 density is hard and it’s used only for smooth surfaces.

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