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Rockwool bulk

This type of rock wool is taken directly from the production line and it lacks any linking factor and is packaged in bulk to use.

The most important features of this product are fire resistance, sound insulation, heat, ductility and chemical stability.

Usage temperature: This product can tolerate temperatures up to 800 degrees Celsius.

Specific weight: 50 to 120 kg per cubic meter depending on application, insulating performance conditions and amount of applied pressure when filling the space.

Packing type: 10kg and 20kg bags


  1. between the two crusts of the buildings walls

  2. between the two crusts of anti-fire extinguishers

  3. Insulating cars exhaust

  4. between the two layers of industrial exhaust or chimneys

  5. Usually, vacant spaces are parts of industrial machineries that have energy wasting and due to its irregular geometric shapes It cannot be insulated with other insulators.

  6. It is suitable for temperatures below 800 ° C and melts at 1300 ° C.


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