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Thermal Polyurethane insulation

According to development of science we always see in all industries amazing innovations.

These developments increase day by day and of course building’s industry is not undeveloped among them.

We see new materials everyday and become familiar with them that they have less thickness than former kind.

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Thermal Polyurethane insulation

It has more resistance, as a result of these advances the thickness of wall crusts and buildings roofs are very less than past.

And funnier is that buildings resistance has become more and more against accidents important that building stamina has become more against acoustic pollution and wasting energy. ( Thermal Polyurethane insulation)

So, in recent years we observe that always the discussion of Thermal Polyurethane insulation and wet insulation and thermal insulation mentions.

Among all insulations using Thermal Polyure—thane insulations has specific level and fans.

Because liquid Polyure^_^thane insulation is spray and due to that it fills all holes, in energy usage of building saves energy and according to its soundproof characteristic, it gives acoustic comfort to inhabitants of building. (Thermal Polyurethane insulation)

These features are because of specific Molecule structure and coherence of Polyure,.,.thanes.

Of course, we should know that it is a little difference between Thermal Polyurethane insulation and Acoustic Polyure,.,thane insulation.

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It’s better to know:

Spray Polyurethane Foam produces in two ways:

1)Closed-cell Spray Polyure—thane Foam (Thermal Polyurethane insulation)

2)Opened-cell Spray Polyure,,.,.thane Foam (Acoustic Polyure..,,thane insulation)

Opened-cell Spray Polyure…..thane Foam (Acoustic Polyure—thane insulation) has low density and its volume increases 55 times after being sprayed. (Thermal Polyurethane insulation)

According to its structure despite that is good insulation for wasting energy also it absorbs sound waves as well.

This is one of the common features of this insulation that causes decreasing additional noises and after using this kind of insulation in the construction of building the silence will be pleasant for you. (Thermal Polyurethane insulation)

Advantages of Thermal Polyurethane insulation:

Spray advantage:

It’s one of the nest advantages of this insulation and it’s spraying and sticks to working surface very firm without need to installing any glue and screw and penetrating and additional things on working surface.

1) According to that for installing just would be sprayed to working surface by wind compressor, installing this insulation has good advance and daily more than 300 meters can be insulated.

2) It has good adhesion without screw and dowel and glue and etc.

3) It has more than 35 years useful life

4) Against water and moisture is very resistant (water proof)

5) Insulating blind and inaccessible spots of building

6) It tolerates until 120 centigrade degree comfortably

7) According to weight of other insulations with this thickness, weight of building would be very light

Usage in construction:

In building construction for each part suitable insulation is needed.

Suggestion of Pars Paydar Energy for you:

1) For insulating building’s view sound proof Polyure….thane insulation and heat proof insulation can be used.

2) For roof of building, Polyure—thane insulation specific for heat and moisture can be used.

3) Powerhouse can be insulated by Acoustic Polyure,.,thane insulation

4) Environment of lift and its room is matching with sound proof Spray Polyure.,.,thane Foam insulation for insulating

5) For installations system Thermal and Acoustic Spray Polyure^-^thane insulation is suggested.

6) Insulating of roofs of all floors must be sound and heat proof

7) It’s suitable for fridges

8) For insulating roof of bird nurture salons is suitable

9) Common salons, lobbies and community halls is better to be insulated by Spray acoustic Polyure—thane insulation

Pars Paydar Energy corporation is one of the best producers of constructional insulations.

It needs to be mentioned that Thermal Polyure,,,,thane Foam insulation produces with best quality in Pars Paydar Energy corporation. ( Thermal Polyurethane insulation)

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