Wet Polyurea insulation

Polyurea insulation against a lot of swings and physical and chemical and thermal pressures gets the least influence.

In Pars Paydar Energy corporation has tried in formulation and production process of this product.

All weaknesses of Polyurethane insulation fixes and produces very strong and flexible with aptitude speed and high-resistance with using up to date machines.

What is Polyurea insulation?

Actually, Wet Polyurea insulation is from Elastomeric insulations family.

That makes of chemical reaction between Polyamine and Isocyanate.

For having Polyurea insulation with different advantages, Alphatic and Aromatic should be used.


Of course, it must be without presence of solver, catalyst, volatile matters and without NH2-Polyal and Hydroxyl groups.

(To get information of selling Polyurethane insulation and production and selling different kinds of wet insulations and the best insulations and price of Poly,,,urea insulation and buying and selling of sound and moisture insulations of building call office of Pars Paydar Energy corporation).( Polyurea insulation)

Polyurea insulation

Advantages of Polyurea insulation:

1) Immediately after performance is able to use

2) Liquid Polyurethane foam after spraying will have good thickness

3) Against UV rays has very good resistance

4) Foam in form of liquid and with helping of wind compressor sprays and makes a smooth and glossy surface

5) It has almost high physical and chemical stamina

6) In more than M1000 thicknesses the final surface will be flat and without slit and crack

7) Attrition-proof

8) Without Catalyst has good reactivity

9) It has good function in range of -20 and +130 temperature

10) It has technical and heath confirmation from strength test of construction materials forum of USA

(This last feature has made Polyurea insulation different from other construction materials)

This Auto-catalyst insulation hasn’t any reaction when it pours with moisture and any surface

There is no difference that pours on what surface because it sticks to any surface firmly and there is no difference that the surface is wet, steel, concrete, wooden and etc. (Polyurea insulation)

Using the wet Polyurea insulation everyday is developing and more because of Anti-corrosion and resistance against abrasion characteristic, it sprays on steel surfaces.

Poly,,,urea isn’t name of one brand and corporation or specific system and features but it’s technology outburst of Polymers branch

Polyurea consists of great technology that has collection of different formulas and vast physical features.

In essays of future construction industry prediction in the opinion of all experts has seen shiny future for Wet Poly,,urea insulation.

Some clients of Pars Paydar Energy:

  1. a) Refineries: Petrochemical industries, Transition pipes of condensates, Around pipes storages and connections of oil and gas platforms.
  2. b) Water supply industry: ponds and pipes of refineries and water storages
  3. c) Vast usage in city water and urban sewage industry without influencing over water quality
  4. d) Tunnels: renovating and insulating metro tunnels and tunnels of water, wastewater and communication installations
  5. e) Power station: For no corrosion of bases and posts pillars and stable and long-time protection against chemical materials and high-heat of Nuclear power stations and etc.
  6. f) Sailing industry: protection and Fiberglass and Aluminum covers and other surfaces inside salty water
  7. g) Also. it sprays on ship deck to pretend slipping

To know the price of Wet Polyurea insulation…Insulations price list…And cost of insulating moisture and sound and calculating moisture and noises call office of Pars Paydar Energy

Wet Polyurea insulation

It is the best insulation in world at the moment, 100% solid with 0% volatile matter has elongation under high-tension is resistant against most of solvers, acids, alkalis without slit and flat, without crack, with perfect resistance against corrosion, low permeability, anti-shock, anti-attrition.

Most usage of Polyurea insulation is in passageways, parking and balconies, Floor coverings of airports, stores, production passageways salons, parking and balconies, equipment of water and wastewater of power stations, sailing environments, fridge equipment, food production factories of storages and surfaces exposed to chemical materials, pools, bridges deck.