Elastomeric insulation

Elastomeric pipe insulation

Elasto.,.meric pipe insulation is the best option for insulating of the heating and cooling pipes. (Like a chiller),

This insulation prevents frosting cold water pipes at the coldest temperatures, and it also decreases temperatures to very low in hot water pipes. (Insulated heat pipes)

Elasto./.meric pipe insulation prevents metal pipes from rotting and rusting in places where it is humid and sultry. It’s clear to everyone how much energy they consume with this insulator.

Elastomeric pipe insulation types:

  1. Simple Elastomeric pipe insulation
  2. Elasto,.,meric pipe insulation Aluminum cover
  3. Elasto,.,meric pipe insulation with Black and Silver Protecting

Each of these insulators has its own applications. You can fully understand each article by referring to the articles section or the products menu. But in short, you can say a simple elastomeric pipe insulation to insulate the pipes in the open space and the pipes that are embedded in the building they are used. Elasto,.,meric pipe insulation with Aluminum cover is used in various thicknesses to insulate outdoor tubes to reflect sunlight and prevent its rotting against sunlight. Pars Paydar Energy corporation produces Elastomeric pipe insulation in the thicknesses of 19.95 to 9.9 mm. (Thermal pipe insulation)

 Installation and Execution of Elastomeric pipe insulation

  1. We clean and corrode the surface of the pipe from the extra materials.
  2. Cut the insulation length by a cutter
  3. We seal over the tube by specific glue of elasto,.,meric insulation
  4. We put the insulation around the tube
  5. We cover the gap on the tube by elasto,.,meric insulation glue
  6. We cover the specific gaps on the surface of insulation by special gap filler strip

Comparison of Glass wool with Elastomeric pipe insulation:

The Glass wool insulation has a fibrous and thread shape, which makes the moisture and vapor easily penetrate into it, and with wiping the glass wool of thermal exchange glass will be done easily.

But the elastomeric pipe insulation has a single-handed, closed cellular structure and is completely waterproof so that steam and moisture never penetrate into it. (Heat pipe insulation) (Heating pipes insulation) which is why thermal insulation is good in high humidity environments.

If the Glass wool insulation uses outdoors, you should have aluminum foil cover to prevent the rain from penetrating.

However, Elastomeric pipe insulation does not have to have an aluminum foil.

If the Glass wool should not collide with your hands or eyes, it will cause itching and skin sensation.

But the Elastomeric pipe insulation is free of any dust, environmental side effects and toxic effects. (Thermal tubes insulation) (Heating tubes insulation)

In many cases, during installing and implementing glass wool insulation, direct breathing of dust in this insulation causes lung tubercle disease for workers. Using masks and gloves and protective clothing is compulsory.

But the Elasto.,.meric insulation is without dust and harmful substances.

Elastomeric pipe insulation benefits:

  1. Prevents metal tubes from rotting.
  2. Installation and execution of work due to the fact that the Elasto,.,meric insulation is self-closing.
  3. Suitable for small environments and large projects.
  4. The heat transition coefficient of Elasto,.,meric insulation is very low.
  5. Economical
  6. High durability


  1. Lightweight and flexible
  2. Low thermal transition coefficient
  3. Economical in energy saving
  4. Special insulation for cooling and heating pipes
  5. Very high resistance to moisture penetration and water vapor and the growth of mold and fungus and algae and rust and fire-proof and chemical antioxidants
  6. No dust threads and does not have any respiratory system harm installer.
  7. Easy maintenance

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Elastomeric pipe insulation

Elastomeric pipe insulation with Aluminium cover is very flexible and lightweight

, and the closed cell structure makes it an ideal insulation. Elasto,.,meric pipe with an aluminium coating to control condensation in cold water pipes and refrigeration lines are used to prevent the reduction and heat dissipation in

heating systems.

Elastomeric pipe insulation with Aluminium cover is used in order to

insulating plumbing systems and pipelines for the transition of fluids, gasses and in the outdoor spaces in exposure to direct sunlight.

The thickness of the Aluminium cover in Elastomeric pipes insulations 130, 170 and 230 Micron

Also, these insulations are available with Aluminium that is reinforced with Fiberglass thread. Other types of elastomeric pipe insulation

include: a simple elasto,.,meric pipe insulation, elasto,.,meric insulation with black and silver prototype coatings.

Compare Elastomeric insulation with Glass wool insulation

Elasto,.,meric pipe insulation with Aluminium cover due to the closed-cell structure, has a high resistance to moisture, water vapor, pollution and dust, but the

Glass wool insulation, due to its fibrous and porous structure to moisture and penetration of vapor and water, it has a low resistance to penetration of moisture and water vapor into the insulation decreases its thermal resistance. Because the non-resistance of glass wool against moisture and vapor, if it installed in the open space, the use of moisture coatings and aluminium foils is considered necessary

Also, elastomeric pipe insulation, in terms of biological complications

and diseases, without complications and without the production of dust particles and if you have direct contact with the glass wool to skin, eyes, and respiratory system makes problem. In many reports, direct bloating of the glass wool particles is the reason of increasing cancer rate.

Elastomeric thermal pipe insulation

Elasto,.,meric thermal pipe insulation in form of 2-meter-branches produces in 6mm sizes to 114mm with thicknesses of 6mm, 9mm, 13mm, 19mm, 25mm, Elastomeric thermal pipe insulation

These insulations due to the low conductivity heating coefficient that they have, to insulate the pipes in the cooling and heating systems of

 Closed-environments, it uses.

Pipe insulations are in accordance with the environmental standards and prevent the rusting of metal pipes.

Elastomeric coating pipe insulation

Thermal elastomeric pipe insulation with Aluminium cover in open environments due to high resistance to U.V ray, thermal elastomeric pipe insulations with Aluminium covers in plain and armed with fiberglass yarn with thicknesses of 130 microns to 400 microns, covers in accordance to customer requirements and existence of fiberglass yarn causes more strength and prevents rupture.

Elastomeric pipe insulation

 Elasto.,.meric pipe insulation is very flexible and lightweight, and the closed-cell structure made it an ideal insulation. Elasto./.meric pipe insulation is used to control condensation in cold water pipes and lines and to prevent heat decreasing and loss in heating systems.

 An Elasto.,.meric pipe insulation with Aluminium cover is used to insulate piping systems and gas pipelines, and in exterior spaces exposed to direct sunlight. The thickness of the aluminium coating is different in the pipe insulations. These insulators are also available with fiberglass yarn reinforced aluminum.

Advantages of elastomeric insulation:

Elastomeric pipe insulation with Aluminum is lightweight and flexible and has a low heat transition coefficient. Using an Elastomeric pipe insulation with aluminum cover causes saving energy .,.costs and installing it easy.

Elastomeric pipe insulation with an aluminum foil has a high resistance to moisture and steam penetration, corrosion, mold and mildew growth, fire, oil, chemicals and without HCFC, HFC, CFC and dust and threads.

Meanwhile, it does not cause any skin and respiratory sensitivities for the user or the installer. Easy maintenance and cleaning are other benefits of this type of elastomeric insulations.

insulation elastomeric EPDM

elasto.,.meric insulation is one kind of elastomeric EPDM

insulation that is available in market in two types of elasto,.,meric pipe and elasto.,.meric roll.

Simple EPDM elasto,.,meric roll insulation can be the best alternative for insulating glass wool or polyethylene foam.

 Considering the high efficiency of elasto.,.meric nowadays, for insulating of oil and petrochemical tanks and insulation of oil refinery and insulating works of gas refinery and insulation of air conditioning and air ducts, and body insulation of duct split air conditioners and insulating French gas and insulating all oil transition pipes and refinement materials are carried out with elastomeric.

Elastomeric Roll (FLEXIFOAM ISIDEM) is made of the closed-cell elastomeric EPDM type.

The closed-cell of elasto.,.meric reduces energy waste and increases the life span of the pipe and the facilities and reservoirs compared with other traditional insulations.

Standard size of Elastomeric production:

Simple Elastomeric roll produces in widths of 100cm and 120cm and in thicknesses 6,9,13,19,25,32,50 mm.

Heating and cooling insulation:

Nowadays, Heating and cooling insulation is one of the main requirements for buildings. 90% of buildings under construction insulate their heating, cooling and ventilation systems as one of the building needs.

It should be noted that most constructed buildings are also being isolated to insulate against energy waste

Typically, the EPDM elasto,.,meric insulation is used for insulating roof of the house, insulating buildings floor, insulating the walls, insulating the ventilation channels, isolating heating and cooling pipes (Heating and Cooling pipes insulation).

EPDM elastomeric roll insulation is light-weight and flexible and it has lower thermal transition coefficient.

Use Elasto,.,meric to save energy in costs of energy usage.

Doing Elasto,.,meric insulation is very easy and without needing any special skills.

Elastomer is highly resistant to corrosion, water and moisture penetration, and the growth of mold and mildew and fire.

HCFC, HFC, CFC, asbestos, dust, threads are not used in elastomeric production process.

It should be noted that Elasto.,.meric doesn’t cause any skin and respiratory sensitization to anyone.

Elastomeric roll insulation

Elastomeric roll insulation is an elastomeric insulation.

Its properties are similar to Elastomeric pipe but different applications. The Elastomeric roll with coherent structure and a closed-cell as a new generation of thermal and refrigerant insulating in facilities industry and conditioning systems and…is known and used widely.

As you know, in the past, for insulating chiller tanks, cooling and heating pipes, and … glass wool insulation was used. But with the introduction of elastomeric insulation into the insulation industry, a huge transformation was created.

In the elasto,.,meric insulation industry, it has the highest productivity and has grown to popularity due to its diversification.

Elastomeric roll insulation in terms of strength is strong, so it’s stable against physical injuries and crushing and trash and chemicals and acids and hard conditions and…however is also very flexible.

Elastomeric roll insulation

Different types of Elastomeric roll:

1) Simple Elasto.,.meric insulation (Click to know more)

2) Simple back-bonded Elasto/.meric insulation (Click to know more)

3) Elastomeric insulation with Aluminium cover (Click to know more)

4) Back-bonded Elastomeric insulation with Aluminium cover (Click to know more)

5) Acoustic Elastomeric insulation made of egg-box (Click to know more)

6) Elastomeric insulation with Black protective cover

Elastomeric roll insulation features:

1) Completely waterproof

2) Anti-steam and moisture

3) No possibility of dust and pollution

4) During insulating any dust would produce

5) Direct contact of hands and body with Elasto.,.meric insulation doesn’t cause any skin, respiratory or allergic problems (note that direct contact with insulations such as glass wool are reasons of skin and lung cancer)

6) It’s resistant against corrosion and decay

7) Fast and easy installing and preforming

8) The coefficient transition of heating and cooling is very low

9) Long time sustainability and long useful life

10) Very light-weight and flexible

11) High-resistance against chemicals and acids

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Acoustic and Thermal Elastomeric insulation:

Is Thermal and Sound insulation necessary?

Before we talk about Thermal and Sound Elastomeric insulation, it’s better to know that nowadays all the world’s people are somehow worry about the expiration of fossil fuels.

It is necessary to save energy by optimizing energy consumption, taking into accounting the scientific advances in the world. All energy-related equipment, such as tankers, pipes and tanks, etc., is to be insulated with the most suitable material

Top insulation:

Almost 80 years ago, some people were looking for an insulation production.

Which is also suitable for sound insulating, and can provide good insulation for temperatures less than 150 degrees.

So that they can insulate places like hospitals and cinema and convention halls and luxury apartments and most office rooms, etc. to prevent noise and prevent energy loss

With the invention of elastomeric insulation, a huge transformation in the insulation industry was created

It quickly became epidemic and affected a wide range of equipment and industries.

Elastomeric roll insulation

Acoustic and Thermal Elastomeric insulation production:

The way to produce Acoustic and heat Elasto,.,meric insulation is in Pars Paydar Energy,

Which has three main materials (synthetic rubber / NBR butylate or ethylene propylene / polyvinyl chloride PVC)

In addition, a chemical fumigation agent is mixed in 225 kg packs of special mixers.

After the uniform liquid is created, a fluid is produced in the elastomeric production line in the form of a slab that is closed in the production line (rolled or tubular, etc.) and of the desired diameter and density.

In In the next step, due to the heat that it sees, the chemical agent of the foam is gas-form and creates a lot of small bubbles. After the formation of the bubbles, we slowly lower the temperature so that the bubbles are kept healthy.

After warming down, the elastomeric insulation of Pars Paydar Energy is ready

At this stage, Acoustic and Thermal Elasto,.,meric should

be cut and packed in the desired dimensions and sizes.

Crushing and packing of elastomeric insulation:

1) Elastomeric pipe insulation:

This insulation produces in standard thicknesses 25/19/13/9 MM.

For most pipes, they are produced from 6 mm to 114 mm and they are cut and packed at a length of 200 cm.

2) Elastomeric roll insulation:

According to available standard, this insulation produces at a width of 100 cm. and it produces in thicknesses of 6/10/13/16/19/25/32/50 mm. To insulate flat surfaces and Aluminium canals and high-diameter pipes, It’s appropriate and ideal.

An insulating layer is enough to use with acoustic and thermal elasto.,.meric insulation.

It is easy to install and run, and this insulation has a high degree of flexibility.

This insulator is also manufactured in two simple and glossy back types.

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Elastomeric roll insulation

Elastomeric roll insulation for its resistance against UV rays, it uses in out-door of buildings. Elasto,.,meric foam roll insulation is typically used in conditioning and cooling equipment. as the name suggests it’s clear the kind of insulating materials is based on closed-cell and appropriate structure Elasto.,.meric.

Elasto.,.meric foam has high-resistance against steam penetration and is suitable and compact on installations. After calculating thickness of required insulation in order to prevent energy losses you can use this kind of insulation.

Elastomeric foam with aluminium coating

Elastomeric roll insulation with aluminium coating with multi-layer aluminium lasting covering and Polystyrene and Elastomeric foams, it has produced the best quality and excellent performance against atmospheric agents in outer spaces that the most important of it, is suitable resistance against UV rays. It produces in the best and most suitable dimensions (100 and 120 cm) and it provides saving consumption time and manpower costs.

Elastomeric roll insulation

Elastomeric roll insulation is manufactured in simple, coated, self-adhesive with 100cm and 120cm widths and with thicknesses of 19mm/13mm/9mm/6mm/50mm/32mm/25mm and It’s used for insulating pipes with diameters more than 4” or insulating air-conditioning canals. Elastomeric roll insulation because of resistance against UV rays is used in out-door spaces of buildings. Elastomeric foam roll insulation is typically used in conditioning and cooling equipment. as the name suggests it’s clear the kind of insulating materials is based on closed-cell and appropriate structure Elastomeric.

Elasto.,.meric foam has high-resistance against steam penetration and is suitable and compact on installations. After calculating thickness of required insulation in order to prevent energy losses you can use this kind of insulation.

Thermal adhesive elastomeric insulations:

This type of thermal insulation has its own stick. The easy installation of these insulations and saving time and manpower has made this kind of insulations significant for insulators. During installation of this insulation, it should be noted that firstly the insulating place should be cleaned of any dust the install and run the insulation.

Thermal Elastomeric roll insulation with aluminium coating:

Elastomeric roll is used in open spaces because of its resistance against UV rays. Thermal Elasto,,.meric insulations will be coated with simple Aluminium or armed with Fiberglass thread with thicknesses of 90 microns to 400 microns suitable for customers requirement. Fiberglass thread makes the elastomeric insulations stronger and prevents rupture.

Acoustic eggs box insulation

Acoustic eggs box insulation can be the most complete and the best insulation to prevent noise emissions. This insulation is made of NBR Elasto,.,meric foam insulations and absorbs all sounds of powerhouses and installation pipes and speakers of recording studios and generators. The sticky-backed type acoustic eggs box insulation has made the installation and operation comfortable. This kind of Elastomeric insulations are one kind of Acoustic wavy insulation. That due to its similarity to eggs box is known as eggs box. It absorbs all of the acoustic waves and even reflects the reflective waves in form of scattered. By doing so, actually chokes the sound. According to properties of eggs box insulation is becoming more and more popular among various classes of society.

Features :

1) waterproof

2) Comfortable installation and running

3) Completely soundproof

4) Elasto,.,meric material is both soundproof and energy transition insulated

5) Anti-acoustic

6) All the properties of Elasto.,.meric insulation

Elasto.,.meric eggs box insulation consumptions:

1) Insulating the recording rooms

2) Insulating the places of recording films location

3) IRIB studios

4) Conference halls

5) Music institutes

6) Art workshops like calligraphy

7) Noisy workshops

8) Insulating some special and luxurious buildings

Technical Data Sheet
Material title NBR Elasto.,.meric Foam insulation
Density 45 kg/m3 to 65 kg/m3
Thickness 19 mm and 25 mm
Temperature toleration -40 C to +105 C

Acoustic Elastomeric eggs box insulation


The acoustic egg box insulation installs in the place that sound source is located to maximize the returns.


Example: In order to prevent the moving of sound on the street to your home, you should cover all the walls of the street with this insulation to take up to 85% of the sound and that the installation work must be done correctly in order to maximize the efficiency.

Accompany us:

Pars Paydar Energy is the first importer and official representative of several large companies that produce Elastomeric insulations in the world. Elasto.,.meric egg box insulation in Pars Paydar Energy corporation is available in different sizes and colours. In the discussion of the sale of Acoustic Elastomeric egg box insulation all of the efforts of Pars Paydar Energy are to decorate acoustic insulations in different shapes to add to the beauty of the used area in spite of reducing noise pollutions.

Elastomeric glue

Elasto.,.meric glue bonded with rubber Polymers, industrial resins and stabilizers that has dissolved in a mixture of dissolvers. This glue has designed with high-resistance and high-moisture and for sticking Elasto,.,meric insulations to each other and to other surfaces. Elasto.,.meric glue uses for installing Elasto.,.meric insulation by a special glue that has made with special formula and just in order to theses insulations and it shows high-resistance to thermal stresses and due to resistance to moisture and steam penetration. It uses as a strong adhesive in high-temperatures and open environments (under snow and rain) and it produces in 2.3 kg, 1 kg and 14 kg cans.