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Rockwool thread 1

Rockwool thread  This type of insulation is produced in form of roll, it’s very light-weight and is produced by intertwining of Rockwool thread with Aluminium foil coating or with craft...

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Elastomeric insulation

Elastomeric pipe insulation Elasto.,.meric pipe insulation is the best option for insulating of the heating and cooling pipes. (Like a chiller), This insulation prevents frosting cold water pipes at the...

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Wet Polyurea insulation Polyurea insulation against a lot of swings and physical and chemical and thermal pressures gets the least influence. In Pars Paydar Energy corporation has tried in formulation...

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What is Polyurethane insulation? For the first time in 1940, the (polyurethan.e) production was performed experimentally. In those years, Polyurethane was under the Pentagon control and it was producing for...

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. Rockwool

Rockwool blanket What is the Rockwool blanket? For making the Rock,,wool(B) , a great amount of raw Rock;;..wool should be coherent by incombustible thread to European galvanized weaved net and...

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